Modified Destroyer74's Hybrid Castle Lvl 8

Author Emporer_Kahto
Vitals Type: Farming
Stats Rating: 3.9 | Modifications: 620 | Views: 20,151 | Comments: 1
Created 10 years ago
This base is based off of Destroyer74's Castle Level 8 Hybrid Base. I modified it to protect the resources. I put a few buildings around the Castle to give at least a 30 minute shield from people who just want the Castle. I have also better protected the Cannons. That wall by itself in the North is to split an attack into 2 groups, the freeze trap will still freeze all of the troops, and since the troops split, they will be in range of either archer towers to the left and right. Also if you are using this design, keep those exposed archer towers outside, they give a few extra seconds before commanded troops go through the wall by distracting them. There are many subtle things in this design that are very important in the strength of the base. I have already run into many players who are using my design, and it is extremely fulfilling to see that my design fits the needs of players. I thank all of you who use my design, I hope it is working well for you.
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