If you haven't played Plunder Pirates, this is what you are missing out on!

Plunder Pirates is an epic, online multiplayer strategy game where you can build a fearsome island base, explore uncharted waters full of monsters and treasure, recruit a crew of vicious pirates, and attack rival players online. Take to the high seas as a cut-throat buccaneer and become the most notorious pirate the world has ever known! Enjoy cutting-edge visuals using Midoki's inhouse game engine.


Yea, yeah, yea we got a sexy lookin' video up in here. Fresh with custom Clash of Clans art and all dat fine stuff. If you find yourself aimlessly looking for something entertaining to watch, you have come to the right place. We like to bring yall somethin' new to show to your FACE! If you like what you see share this with your friends. Don't forget to subscribe, this fun ain't neva gonna end.

New Character Pieces
Not only do we now have our very own YouTube channel, we have also ...

Starting Tuesday 23rd December you can battle it out with Alliances from around the world in a two-week marathon, the likes of which the Siege world has never seen before! The top 100 alliances will receive unbelievable prizes including the EPIC NEW NECROMANDER'S CRYPT!
The Necromander was born to fight, and reanimates fallen soldiers to fight again from beyond the grave!

Your Alliance will have the opportunity to compete in a 2 week long Holiday Prize Bonanza! There will be no ...
From 11am GMT this Friday, gather your alliance and battle it out to win the chilling new building coming to the Siege universe, the awesome BLIZZARD TOWER!

The blizzard tower slows all who come near it, putting even the most dogged invaders on ice!
Organize your Alliance and prepare to win a bountiful amount of prizes! Prizes and alliance rankings will be visible in the normal Contest tab as soon as the contest registration period begins. Once your alliance declares war, your alli...

Starting Tuesday 18th November @11am GMT we embark on a week long Conquest rush - all Conquests are 50% faster!
Rush in and dominate your opponents to earn stacks of Onyx!!
Similar to war rush for Classic wars, Alliances will be able to earn more onyx in a 12 hour period than with the regular Conquest format. Conquest leaderboards will be re-set prior to the event and the winning Alliance will have their name immortalised in the Hall of Fame.

• Conquests will be 3 hours...

Play Tactics

Tactics Wapow!
As you all may already know, the lords of Neggsnetwork has blessed us with a badass, kiss your grandma match three game. This mind blowing addition to Neggsnetwork has brought hope to children all over the world. Smiles and happiness. Tears of undeniable joy while matching three or more skulls to do just that much more damage to your opponent. The inescapable satisfying sound of the skulls laughter will be so mind blowing it will shatter reality as you know it. ...
Starting Friday 7th November, the epic ONYX MINE TOURNAMENT gives you the opportunity to earn a PERMANENT building to call yours, or rather - MINE!! The all new Onyx Mine will be yours for the taking. Make sure you and your alliance are well prepared!!
Also up for grabs are some amazing troop camps such as the BOSS HAUNTED TREE and a fortune in onyx and diamonds!
Enrol with your alliance before 11am GMT Sunday to compete - participating alliances will have 48 hours to prove their mettle in t...
I have been killing myself trying to bring you new features. Slaving, laboring, contemplating and eventually completing new cool code to bring you closer to your fellow geeky friends. Why do I do this? Why do I put forth so much effort? For that twinkle in your eye my friend, that twinkle.

Tactics, HUZZAH!

Play Tactics

I am sure you couldn't resist clicking on the orange tab. I know you did. You had to do it! It's freakin ORANGE! If you were one of the few that hasn't indulged in t...

Something Wicked This Way Comes!
Prepare yourselves for a weekend of mayhem, as the HALLOWEEN HAVOC TOURNAMENT STARTS THURSDAY!
Battle it out with your alliance to secure your share of diamonds and onyx plus new traps and weapons, including the immensely powerful SKULL CANNON!

Similar to the Save the Season Event but with a twist! Once your alliance declares war, you will have 48 hours to accumulate as many war points as possible. The more war points you accumulate during the event, t...
It's as simple as creating your village to our Samurai Siege Builder! Start by creating an account with Samurai Siege Neggs Network, then create your base designs. We will randomly select a winner base (levels 3 - 9) as well as a winner for the most creative base.

Contest Dates:

Starting: 5/14/14 Ends: 5/24/14


* Must have a valid Neggs Network account with working email address
* Must create your plan within contest time and dates
* Account must have a legitimate ema...
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