DesTROYer74 (C7)

Author DesTROYer74
Vitals Type: Farming
Stats Rating: 3.6 | Modifications: 923 | Views: 6,006 | Comments: 0
Created 8 years ago
Protecting the castle, but not taking prime real estate in the middle. Centralised portal and dens/lions, centralised long range drum gun and cannons. Distributed storages, protected collectors, dojos help prevent rams from breaking intersections (freeze traps to be placed right outside freeze towers), cannons overlay freeze trap range, archer proof lightning towers. troops filter over bomb trap at the portal. Extra walls at South-east cannon to prevent easy Ram access, and Camps also block immediate ram access into that intersection.
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  • Posted 8 years ago


    Jan 2014
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    You failed to read the description, there's a bomb trap where that gap is at the portal. I'm not able to place traps on the design as yet. "troops filter over bomb trap at the portal".
  • Posted 8 years ago


    Jan 2014
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    One small problem I think you might not have noticed, is that the section between the storages is actually open! Watch where the portal is at! Nice base, I'm a subscriber ;)