Lightning Towerz OP

Author Cbarretta
Vitals Type: Hybrid
Stats Rating: n/a | Modifications: 585 | Views: 1,378 | Comments: 2
Created 7 years ago
-------------------------- Created: September 14, 2014 by Cbarretta of Hyakki Yako. -As of now this is a concept base, I will update it with any tweaks and news as I deem fit. -Lightning Towers are now the best tower in the game (PERSONAL OPINION) following the buff they received and the implementation of the fourth Lightning Tower at castle 8 and higher. -This is a hybrid base layout with some deceptive tactics to it. Yes, the Drum Guns are weakly defended but they aren't that important anyway. The openings on the north and south are intentional. If you didn't already know, the center post on a Practice Yard also serves as a piece of wall (rams blow up if they hit it straight on). The *ICE* Lions are there to slow rams long enough for defenses to destroy the center walls. -This layout is designed to counter Freeze Spells. The defenses are spread out so that no more than two towers/cannons can be frozen with any ONE spell. -If someone comes at you with Earthquake Spells you're done for, there's no defending against them unless you just don't use walls (although there's always those special few players who seem to not know that walls exist). -There are three 2x2 holes in the center of the base for whichever special event statues you may have (e.g. Dragon, Zen Master, Fire Demon, etc.). *I have not incorporated a spot for the Pirate Cannon because I do not have one. -------------------------- PM me on the Line app with any suggested changes to the layout (screen name: Cbarretta) ***FEEL FREE TO COPY AND MODIFY THIS BASE HOWEVER YOU WANT, BUT NO COPY-CAT REPOSTS ON THIS WEBSITE PLEASE***
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  • Posted 7 years ago


    Sep 2014
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    Yes, you're right. It all seemed like a great idea at the time. And while I have been winning the majority of my defensive battles as long as people use 5 spells and a few max level EMs it's an easy 3 star. Regardless, the base does it's job as a hybrid base. I win the majority of my defensive battles and the ones I do lose I don't lose very much loot (only 1 or two of each storages are hit).
  • Posted 7 years ago


    Sep 2014
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    Practice Yards and Lions shouldn't be used as a replacement for walls. Your lions can be easily lured out and killed within 30 seconds max and your practice yards can also be destroyed easily. Also, no one drops a ram by itself unless the towers are frozen or the walls aren't defended or if it's right at the edge of the building area. All of your archer towers and your drum guns are poorly defended as well, making your base weak to dragons. Also what's the alternative if you don't have any prize statues? Without them there are open spaces at the center of the base. There are other flaws to this base as well but it's just that most bases have such flaws anyways and don't have a real solution at this point so I'm not going to mention them.