Anti-Dragons Breath Base

Author miraflorbf
Vitals Type: Defense
Stats Rating: n/a | Modifications: 908 | Views: 854 | Comments: 2
Created 8 years ago
Here are my base design concepts: 1. Spread your base strategically so that dragon attack cannot 3 star you easily. There should be at least 2 square distance between you structures to minimize the effect of the dragons attack. Dragons will have to attack each of your structure one at a time. This will give your defenses enough time to kill the dragons. In addition, spreading your defensive towers also will minimize the effect of freeze scrolls. Most of the time freeze scrolls will only hit one or two defensive towers. If they get lucky sometimes they hit three but its very unlikely. 2. As you can see from my base design, there is no more free room on the left, right & lower portion of the base. I intentionally made it this way to prevent archers from sniping your jade & essence markets. If they summon their troops, they will be within range of the Archer towers equipped with Fire Arrows. 3. Another concept I find useful is to place your freeze towers, assasins den & ice jade lion closely together because they will complement each other. I also use freeze traps within the assasins den range, in this way they will have a higher chance to strike twice because enemy troops are frozen. Please feel free to comment & rate my design. Thanks!
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  • Posted 8 years ago


    Jun 2014
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    My base design only uses 2 archer towers with heavy arrows which are located at the center. The rest of archer towers that are located on the outer layer are equipped with fire arrows. samurai
  • Posted 8 years ago


    Jun 2014
    lvl 1: Loincloth
    Why make a base decent against dragons when it's weak against pretty much everything else?