Conquest War rush!!

Starting Tuesday 18th November @11am GMT we embark on a week long Conquest rush - all Conquests are 50% faster!
Rush in and dominate your opponents to earn stacks of Onyx!!
Similar to war rush for Classic wars, Alliances will be able to earn more onyx in a 12 hour period than with the regular Conquest format. Conquest leaderboards will be re-set prior to the event and the winning Alliance will have their name immortalised in the Hall of Fame.

• Conquests will be 3 hours long.
• War points per conquest node will be scaled down by half
• Cooldown time between wars will be halved to 6 hours.
• There will be a 6 hour “Alliance Hopping” cooldown period in effect.
• There will be Leaderboard rewards for the top 100 alliances
• Alliances can earn more onyx in a 12 hour period than the regular conquest format

Start: Tue 18th Nov @ 11am GMT
End: Mon 24th Nov @ 11am GMT

Prize details:
1st Place: 15k Diamonds
2nd Place: 7k Diamonds
3rd Place: 3k Diamonds
4th - 10th Place: 2k Diamonds
11th - 50th Place: 1k Diamonds
51st - 100th Place: 500 Diamonds

• Prizes are awarded to ALL alliances members
• Prizes will be rewarded within 24 hours after the contest completion.
• Prizes are only awarded to players who are in the alliance at the end of the contest period AND players MUST REMAIN in the alliance until they have received their reward