WIN DIAMONDS!! ONYX MINE Alliance Tournament - Join now!

Starting Friday 7th November, the epic ONYX MINE TOURNAMENT gives you the opportunity to earn a PERMANENT building to call yours, or rather - MINE!! The all new Onyx Mine will be yours for the taking. Make sure you and your alliance are well prepared!!
Also up for grabs are some amazing troop camps such as the BOSS HAUNTED TREE and a fortune in onyx and diamonds!
Enrol with your alliance before 11am GMT Sunday to compete - participating alliances will have 48 hours to prove their mettle in the heat of battle!
Additionally, the alliance that digs deepest during the Onyx Mine Tournament will have their name forever embellished in the Hall of Fame.

Organize your Alliance and prepare to win a bountiful amount of prizes! Similar to the Save the Season Event but with a twist! Once your alliance declares war, you will have 48 hours to accumulate as many war points as possible. The more war points you accumulate during the event, the better the prizes! The Alliance that scores the most points at the end of the contest will also have their Alliance flag immortalized in the Hall of Fame. Your alliance can declare war at anytime during the first 48 hours of the contest so plan and strategize accordingly.

    • Registration Starts: Friday, Nov 14, at 11am GMT
    • Registration Ends: Sunday, Nov 16, at 11am GMT
    • Contest Ends: Tuesday, Nov 18, at 11am GMT

    * Once your alliance declares war, you will have 48 hours to accumulate war points.
    * Regular wars will end 12 hours before the start of the contest.
    * Ghost Villages will be in full effect.

    Prize Tiers
    2,000 warpoints = 250 diamonds
    5,000 warpoints = 2,000,000 Essence
    10,000 warpoints = Onyx Mine building (permanent)
    20,000 warpoints = 20 Onyx
    50,000 warpoints = 3,000,000 Jade
    75,000 warpoints = Haunted Tree (14 days)
    100,000 warpoints = 100 Onyx
    150,000 warpoints = 300 Onyx
    200,000 warpoints = 2,000 diamonds
    250,000 warpoints = Boss Haunted Tree (30 days)

    Head to the Knowledge Base for our Frequently Asked Questions
    Join this Facebook event for a chance to win prizes!!
    Every day we will select, at random, three lucky winners who will each win 1,000 diamonds and a 7 day Mongol camp!
    Additionally on Fri 14th November we will select one extra lucky winner to win 5,000 diamonds!!
    To be in with a chance of winning please post your Village, Level and Alliance here on the event page and complete the following sentence… My favourite army composition in Samurai Siege is…..