Chronic Ninja (Recruiting)


none yet
Feb 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Master Shredder
Current Members 30+
Minimal Level 16
Language english
Status Open Admittance
Alliance Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Alliance Information: We are a level 33 Alliance that has won 44 wars and are looking to win many more. We have a very strong front line with men like Ammar, Master Shredder, Reuben the Great, Crunk and many others. We have a great core with about 20+ men who donate 100 to 600 war points every war. If you join us we would love to see 100-300 war points minimum and we would love to see you putting up 500+. We normally war around 4-5 times a week. Wednesday and Sunday are our given break days were we can sit back and farm and enjoy chatting with our alliance. We are the Chronic Ninjas and will be the best. Donate and Fight like a Chronic!!!!!!!!!!!!
Donation Information: Donate as much as possible but only if you have lvl 3 troops or above, try to donate only oni trolls, archers or better.
Recruitment Information: We are a great clan looking to dominate all, we have a solid 5 or 6 guys who will blow your mind with how many war points they produce and another 30 that can put up a solid 100-500 every war.
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by justinismylove.