F What U Heard (Recruiting)


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Apr 2015
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Sakura Kitana
Current Members 5+
Language English and Spanish
Status Open Admittance
Alliance Type Casual
Alliance Information: Are you sick of fighting alone? Did you have an alliance that died out and want a new one that is active? Are you a strong player seeking an alliance with opportunities to grow and roll with the big dogs? Or maybe you just started this game and need help with your base setup or how to get more war points? Whatever it is, you need to join F What U Heard so we can hook you up! We war Monday-Wednesday 9am est, 1pm gmt. So long as you don't have 0 wps, you won't get kicked!
Trophy Information: N/A
Donation Information: Donate before requesting.
Recruitment Information: Join F What U Heard!
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by Sakura.