Clowdy Haze (Recruiting)


none yet
Aug 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Crazy Ninja Crew aka Crazy
Current Members 30+
Minimal Trophies 800
Minimal Donation 150 (weekly)
Language English
Status Invite Only
Alliance Type Casual but Trophy Oriented
Alliance Information: Looking for active players that participate and want to win wars!!
Trophy Information: we have won 20 wars and that usually with just about 10 of us being active during wars.
Donation Information: We require at least a minimum of 150 donations per month.
Recruitment Information: We are looking for some pretty active US players to join our ranks and help us win more wars! We have a great core group of members that are pretty active, we just need more active players that actually want to play and win wars!!
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by jlp510.