Dragon Priests (Recruiting)


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Jul 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader Tmoney
Current Members 40+
Minimal Donation 400 (weekly)
Language English only
Status Invite Only
Alliance Type Casual
Alliance Information: Fun loving bunch of war friends! WAR EVERY DAY in this international alliance! Regular start time (2:00pm GMT / 7:00am PST) { +/- 15 minutes}. Will kick 5 minutes before end of war anyone over DD sync or under minimum -- NO DIAMONDS! If you get kicked you must do double minimum next war. Preferred donation is archers. GIVE donations to GET donations. Contact DP shogun Tmoney on LINE: username tmoney624. Minimum war points are 400 per war.
Donation Information: Preferred donation is archers (level 4-5 standard). We also donate EMs, dragons, and other magical troops, particularly during harder wars and for special events.
Recruitment Information: DP (Dragon Priests) most recently placed in the top 100 in the July Legends of War Event with 200k WP (in regular 12 hour war), earning members the permanent Zen Tree Master prize! DP is competitive in all special events, and is friendly with a number of other competitive and top alliances.
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by Gorgon.