Swift (Recruiting)


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Jul 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader benjamon
Current Members 30+
Minimal Trophies 150
Language English
Status Open Admittance
Alliance Type Casual
Alliance Information: Swift is a growing alliance, with over 32 members. We are mainly a farming alliance, but like to have the occasional war. We are friendly and welcoming, and don't expect too much like other clans.
Trophy Information: If we do war in the odd event, then there are no minimums. But those who do and show their efforts and dedication to the clan will improve their chances of being general.
Donation Information: There is no minimum donation, or quota. However players who do not donate over a long period of time or are inactive will be kicked. We are currently going through a phase where we are kicking inactive and selfish players. We're looking for strong, active and dedicated players who want to be apart of the rising of our great alliance!
Recruitment Information: We're looking for future generals to become apart of the core of the team and help improve swift further as an alliance. Dedicated players who wanna chat and have fun join us !
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by benjamin.