condemd devil (Recruiting)


none yet
Jul 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader stress
Current Members 10+
Minimal Trophies 300
Language english
Status Anyone Can Join
Alliance Type Pursuing Top 100
Alliance Information: Mandatory war mon, wed, and fri 12pm est. To become a general score 1000wp and to keep it score 800wp min on mandatory wars. Captains must score 400wp min on mandatory wars. Failure to meet those requirements in back to back games will get u demoted or kicked. Donate troops is a must..
Trophy Information: 300 min to join
Donation Information: Donate as much as possible
Recruitment Information: We are here to when as a team n to play together.. Everybody needs to be respectful to each other. Don't join the team if u are not active serious clan here we kick , promote, and demote after every war.
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by stressmoney.