PLAYGASM (Recruiting)


Jul 2014
lvl 1: Loincloth
Leader DZnej
Current Members 20+
Minimal Level 15
Minimal Donation 200 (weekly)
Language english
Status Open Admittance
Alliance Type Pursuing Top 100
Alliance Information: Welcome to PLAYGASM! We are looking for people who are willing to to loyal, be active, and be donating. Join us if you want to be in top 100 soon! See you soon!
Donation Information: Use archers for donations, WP depends on your castle lv.
Recruitment Information: Be part of PLAYGASM! We’re a new alliance who enjoy war in a laid-back atmosphere. We welcome all levels and help with base layouts, battle strategies, etc. Minimum 200 wps per war and you MUST say HI when you join!!! We want to know you’re active =) DONATE before requesting! Gemming isn’t required but you’re free to do so. We’re a social clan with great potential and most of all, we believe this game is supposed to be FUN! War schedule is flexible but the more members we have, the more we’ll war =) Come grow with us!
Profile Author: Alliance profile maintained by jmsolomon.